Green Technology

Protection of the environment has been woven into Rod’s life from the age of 12, when he stood up to protest the proposed development of a thriving natural habitat surrounding a creek near his home. Seven years later he returned to find that a huge concrete gutter-like gulley had supplanted the lush and vibrant creek ecosystem of his childhood memory.

Though his 12-year-old voice went unheard, he has spent his adult lifetime ensuring that his achievements in protecting the environment would speak for him.

As Chairman of Stanford University’s student association, he applied his economics training to shape a campus pollution market that saved the university’s recycling program by incentivizing recycling, avoiding unnecessary landfill.

In 1993 he joined the Board of Trustees of the Environmental Defense Fund ( a leading and highly respected non-partisan organization combatting global warming and environmental degradation, and he continues to serve as an advisory trustee. He co-chaired the Oceans and Climate and Energy Committees, developing expertise in fishery management, marine reserves, global warming policies and carbon markets.

As part of his lifetime commitment to a greener world, Rod counsels companies on integrating effective environmental protection technologies into their business strategies.