Credit: Photo courtesy of Department of Homeland Security
Criminal networks, competitors, hactivists, thieves, corporate spies, foreign governments – even the teenage hacker down the road – can penetrate a company’s cyber defenses and access mission-critical information. Business plans, product concepts, intellectual property, customer data and financial information are all at risk of exposure. The resulting loss of assets and stakeholder trust can have a catastrophic effect on profit and reputation.

Investment in defending essential systems can produce long-term value and protect profits. But even in organizations where the threat is fully understood, senior management and the technical infrastructure may be ill-prepared to cope with this growing risk. It demands a response grounded in specialized expertise, extensive political and technical knowledge, and access and credibility at the most senior levels.

Rod Beckstrom helps organizations proactively plan, strengthen and execute their defense against cyber attacks through sustainable changes in macro and micro strategies. This means understanding and assessing their risk and developing tailor-made solutions that address their specific vulnerabilities, integrating political, diplomatic and technical defenses into their broader business plan. He helps them understand their role in the global tech ecosystem, including how top-level strategic decisions can enhance or diminish an organization’s attractiveness as a cyber target.